In the IBAT Battle Arena players have their own unique avatar which they can upgrade on the IBAT Battle Market. For example, upgrades can include anything from clothes to hair. Players can add items such as hats or sunglasses to their avatar through purchases from the IBAT Battle Market. IBAT Battle Arena is a platform that uses the latest technologies, like NFTs and the metaverse computing paradigm, to give players an immersive gaming experience. The ability to upgrade the avatars with items bought from the IBAT Battle Market makes the game more interesting and keeps players more engaged.

The ERC721 NFT smart contract standard is used to create a unique content ID for each player. This makes sure that avatars can represent players in a unique way. The IBAT Battle Arena aims to create a metaverse environment, and this unique representation is a key part of that. The metaverse environment is a virtual world that connects to the real world. Thus giving a more immersive gaming experience than usual traditional gaming.

The next version of the internet is called the metaverse computing paradigm, and it will revolutionize the way games are made. This paradigm makes a virtual world where players can play games in ways that were not possible before. With VR headsets and controllers, players can interact with the virtual world and play games in a way that is different from the way they have always been played. The fact that you can meet other players, talk to them in real time, go to events, and even perform yourself gives you an experience that you can't get from traditional games.

The metaverse computing paradigm is the next iteration of the internet and will enable those immersed within it to experience gaming in a virtual environment that intersects the real world and the digital one being able to go to online concerts, parties, and art galleries is a fun addition to the gaming experience. Players can get almost lost into a virtual world where they can explore, talk to other players, and even take part in things that can't happen in the real world and with these devices such as VR headsets and controllers can be used to explore the metaverse . The metaverse environment also gives opportunities to businesses and brands by connecting with players in ways that were almost impossible before.

Hence we can say that IBAT Battle Arena is a platform that uses the latest technologies, like NFTs and the metaverse computing paradigm, to give players a new and different way to play games. The platform's focus on making a virtual world that interacts with the real world has the potential to change the gaming industry and start a new era of gaming. Metaverse computing can be used in a lot of different ways, and the IBAT Battle Arena is set to be a big part of this exciting new field.

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