The $ IBAT marketplace also solves several problems and simplify the user experience in the following ways:

Choice of Transaction Approach: By providing a choice between a centralized and decentralized method to transactions, consumers may choose the solution that meets their requirements. This may give adaptability, convenience, and a boost in customer happiness.

Transparency and Security: The decentralized method based on smart contracts enables both transparency and security for transactions. Users may have confidence that their transactions will be carried out in accordance with the provisions of the smart contract, without the need for middlemen or centralized authority.

Ease of Use: The marketplace's central database and hot wallet-based strategy may simplify the user experience for individuals who want a more conventional approach to online markets. Several options are available for users to register or log in, including linking a wallet, Google signin/signup, and email signin/signup.

Accessible and Appealing: The ability to rent and sell non-fungible tokens may make the marketplace more accessible and attractive to a broader audience of consumers. Owners of NFTs may receive incentives throughout the rental term, and renters can utilize the NFTs for a certain amount of time, creating value for both parties.

Overall, the hybrid marketplace's flexible approach to transactions, transparency and security, usability, and one-of-a-kind feature for renting and selling NFTs may alleviate difficulties and improve the user experience, making it an appealing alternative for buyers and sellers in the digital marketplace.

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