Here are six key reasons why someone might choose to use the $IBAT marketplace:
Flexibility: The $IBAT marketplace offers users the option to choose between a centralized or decentralized approach to buying and selling goods and services.
Security: The platform uses decentralized smart contracts, which ensure transparency and security in transactions.
Convenience: The platform offers several sign-up/sign-in methods, including connecting a wallet, Google sign-in/signup, and email sign-in/signup.
NFT Renting/Rentout feature: The platform allows NFT owners to rent out their assets for a specific period of time and earn rewards during the rental period.
Easy integration: The platform makes it easy for third-party games or projects to integrate its NFT renting/rentout feature.
Scalability: The platform is easily scalable, making it a good choice for users who want to grow their business or project over time.