Battle Stake is the staking platform where users can battle against stakers to get higher annual percentage yields (APYs). There are three types of staking:





1.Flexible Staking: This type of staking allows users to lock a certain quantity of tokens on our platform and receive 12% APY on those tokens. Users can also re-stake the interest earned on those tokens and withdraw their funds at any moment.

2.Time lock staking: In order to obtain greater APYs, a user must lock a specific number of tokens for a specific amount of time to receive whole percentage of APY. But if you wish to unstake before the locked period then a fees of 10% would be charged and the users will also not be rewarded as well for their staking

In this type of staking a user can directly stake their IBAT Token to earn a high APY on their token. Pools are created on the basis of monthly, half-yearly, and yearly time periods


With Duo Staking users can pair any token with the native IBAT token and earn interest on it by simply staking that pair on our platform. This will enable users to earn consistent passive income, not just from our platform’s native IBAT token but also on their favorite tokens and coins, such as BNB, ETH, DOGE, etc. APY can also be earned on stable coins such as USDT, BUSD, etc.


This is a type of staking in which you have to buy NFT crates from our battle market and unlock it with the matching NFT key. Keys can either be bought directly on the Battle Market or acquired by playing games on IBAT Battle Games. To acquire keys game players will be required to wait a certain time period to fully unlock them, depending on the crate type. There are three types of crates:

FREE CRATES - Claim by completing daily tasks or by winning a game. These are relatively common and have a shorter unlocking period.

SILVER CRATES - These are the crates that can either be bought from the IBAT Battle Market or can be won by ranking top on the weekly leaderboard. They are rarer than Free Crates but less rare than Gold Crates.

GOLD CRATES - These are the crates that can either be bought from the IBAT Battle Market or can be won by ranking top on the monthly leaderboard. Gold Crates are the rarest of all the crates

Apart from earning IBAT tokens, you can also win exclusive gifts, vouchers, prizes, special benefits, etc. with these crates. The amount of IBAT tokens and gifts increases exponentially according to the rarity of the crates. These crates are also tradable on the IBAT Battle Market.


The following are the benefits of IBAT staking:

● It's an easy way to earn interest on your IBAT holdings.

● You don't need any hardware for IBAT staking .

● Helps you generate passive income.

● Special benefits to IBAT stakers.

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