TOKENISED REWARD MECHANISM: The tokenized form of rewards is one of the unique ways to give rewards to the winning user.

TRADABILITY: All minted NFTs are tradable in our ecosystem, which means all users can easily buy or sell NFTs.

USER-FRIENDLY NFT & BLOCKCHAIN EXPERIENCE: Battle Infinity is building a user-friendly global platform that is ready for the mass market and consumers of all stripes – both those new to the metaverse and P2E gaming as well as more experienced blockchain gamers.

CATEGORY-BASED TEAM FORMATION : We have 3 categories for team formation – GOLD, SILVER & BRONZE, which makes our platform more scalable and accessible to all types of users.

SCALABILITY : When we talk about APPS using NFT and blockchain, the main problem that arises is the scalability issue to resolve that we are using Binance Smart Chain Network to mint NFTS, apart from this we have introduced tokenized forms of rewarding users which are even tradable and user friendly experience that even a person who doesn’t know anything about blockchain and NFT can easily use our platform. These all things in combination that make it widely scalable.

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