Web 3 Wallet Sign-In: This option is for people who know how blockchain works and have their own Web 3 wallet. They can connect their Web 3 wallet, such as MetaMask, to the IBAT Premier League platform and start playing right away. This makes it easy and safe for users to sign in, since their private keys aren't kept on the platform but in their own Web 3 wallets.

Email Sign-In: Users who aren't familiar with blockchain technology and don't have their own Web 3 wallet can sign up or log in using their email address (Gmail). This option makes the game easier to get into and use, since users don't have to learn about wallets or blockchain technology in order to play. To be on a safe as the Web 3 Wallet sign-in because the private keys of users are stored on the platform's servers, which could be hacked or broken into.

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