Fantasy sports are one of the upcoming most popular virtual sports games. In these games, users form virtual teams based on a qualifying sport such as Cricket, Football, Hockey, Kabaddi, Tennis, etc. Users choose their favorite virtual players and compete against other virtual teams to earn rewards, based on the statistics derived from players’ performance.

Players earn various types of rewards for their hard work and skill. Higher rewards are earned for consistently improved performance. Users are team managers and they compete against other team managers. Users choose their team from out of a team cap.

The better the players in your team perform, the more rewards you will earn as the manager. The users are themselves team managers and you compete against the other team's manager. The users get a team cap from which they have to choose their team.

Every virtual player has a cap ( valuation ) and is chosen under the team cap of the user or team manager This means that that the team manager has to make a self-budget under the given team cap to choose their team wisely.

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