It is a multiplayer game store where gamers on our platform can get access to multiple NFT games to play and earn. The players can buy and sell all their gaming assets and characters in the battle market and sell their winning NFTs as well.
In order to play the game, the gamers need to stake some amount in the battle stake. Where out of the total staked amount, 10% will be deducted as transaction fees, 5% will be used for the foundation development and 5% will be allocated to the global stake pool. This will be used to reward the players of the platform for various events. The remainder of the 90% staked amount will be rewarded at the end of each particular game to the winners.
Third-party game developers can launch their games on the IBAT Battle Games store, where they can monetize them on the basis of the user metrics in their games. Developers are paid bonus earnings from the Global Stake Pool. The game store is fully integrated with Battle Swap, Battle Market, and Battle Arena, thereby enhancing the overall gaming experience.