The tokenized form of digitally available goods on the internet, such as music, and artwork, takes the form of an NFT.
All the in-game assets such as characters and weapons are tokenized using ERC721 smart contracts.. This tokenization of assets makes each in-game item unique and can assign value to each , depending on the rarity of the assets.
It is this ability to assign unique ownership and track the prices of in-game assets, that provides utility propositions unmatched in the traditional gaming industry – this is what makes blockchain P2E Web3 platforms such as Battle Infinity so powerful and attractive to players
IBAT Battle Market is made up of two areas:
⦁ The area where creators can mint their artwork; buy and sell; and advertise their assets in the Battle Arena as well as on billboards and land.
⦁ The area where game players can buy and upgrade their avatar, game, land, etc as well as trade all other items in-game assets.