One Player Disconnected/afk(away from keyboard).

Will pick two Solution for Development Under BETA RELEASE:

  • Bot takes control of the disconnected player.

  • Remove the disconnected player from the game.

  • One player can take control of the disconnected player.

  • Just let the player who left either idle or "die" while keeping the game going.

  • Offer a short time limit to make reconnecting possible time of [3Min].

  • Disconnected Team Has the option to request for Draw. if the score is null or equal.

  • Allow players to choose whether they want to play with a bot or stop playing (with the game recorded as a win either way, even if they end up losing against the bot).

How good are the bots?

The golden goal is a rule used in association football to decide the winner of a match (typically a knock-out match) in which scores are equal at the end of normal time. It is a type of sudden death. Under this rule, the game ends when a goal or point is scored; the team that scores that goal

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