IBAT Premier League is the world's first decentralized blockchain NFT-based fantasy sports game integrated with metaverse. IBAT Premier League allows users to build their own strategic team, join battle with others all around the world and earn.
In IBAT Premier League, users have to buy an NFT pass to enter the league and play matches. After purchasing an NFT pass users get a budget to build their own virtual team by buying real-world sports players. The players are valued on the basis of their performances.
Users’ teams are scored and ranked on the basis of players' performance in real matches. The team with the highest score is the winner and receives a reward.
In addition to rewards, users’ NFT passes can be whitelisted, entitling the holders to extra benefits.
Whitelisted NFT passes can also be traded in our Battle Marketplace. Also, during each BUY/SELL transaction, winners receive an extra level of rewards.